“On the way” with Rosário

Rosário already has a handful of Camino de Santiago routes completed. In this latest one, she had the experience of going alone along our favorite route. She encountered challenges and surprises along the way, but nothing stopped our walker. Read the interview here!

Why did you make the way to Santiago?
Rosario: I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a different way. So I decided to walk the way and arrive that day at Santiago. I really wanted to do it alone, and after recovering from Covid, I thought it was the right time and there I “sent” myself to my fifth path.

How many days did it take and which stages did you complete?

It took me 6 days, as I had planned. It wasn’t to rush through it, but rather to absorb the experience and be with myself.

Valença – Redondela

Redondela – Pontevedra

Pontevedra – Armenteira

Armenteira – Vilanova de Arousa – Pontecesures

Pontecesures – Teo

Teo – Santiago

How did you prepare physically for the journey?
Rosario: I didn’t prepare physically for the path because every weekend I trek, although at that time I was stopped because of Covid. I just prepared myself psychologically and packed my backpack.

What surprised you the most on the path?
Rosario: It was a gentleman who wanted to accompany me in the last kilometer of the arrival to Plaza del Obradoiro because he saw me standing still looking at the towers of the cathedral. While we were walking and in the middle of the conversation he told me that he had been living in Santiago for 42 years and I replied that it was my birthday and it was my 42nd birthday. It was very emotive for both of us.

What was the most challenging moment?

 It was in stage 3, (Pontevedra – Armenteira) catching a huge storm of wind and rain, feeling loneliness and at some moments frustration for feeling that way needlessly. It was very hard, I couldn’t eat because of the rain and arrived with blisters on my heels at the hostel, completely worn out physically, but mainly psychologically. Anyway, I also knew that sooner or later I would realize all that feeling.

What can’t miss in a pilgrim’s suitcase?
Rosary: A pair of slippers to put on at the end of each stage and band-aids for blisters!

If you could only give one tip to people who are thinking about walking the path, what would it be?
Rosario: To carry as light a backpack as possible.

What was your reaction when you arrived in Santiago?
Rosario: Stopping in the center of the Plaza del Obradoiro, contemplating, giving thanks and eternalizing the moment with a photograph.

Tostada with tomatoes or toast with butter?
Rosario: Neither. Tostada with marmalade.

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