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Stage 7: Mos-Pontevedra

  • 8 hours
  • Quilómetros
    29 km
  • Mountainous
  • 10
  • 603 m

The Mos – Pontevedra stage is one of the most difficult of the whole Way to Santiago, but it is also one of the most beautiful.

Right at the beginning we have a half kilometer climb that leads us to a less winding road with local businesses, always available to welcome hungry or thirsty pilgrims.

However, those who go up have to go down, and the arrival in Redondela is extremely steep, making it difficult for walkers to cross. It is important to be careful: you can easily fall and get hurt.

Here, the route becomes more urban again, but the small town has a certain charm. It is the perfect place to have lunch or a snack, as the town has good infrastructure for pilgrims, and the coastal path joins the central path.

From here on, we are graced with a simpler route. We slowly make our way through the forest trails and the small villages along this route, until we reach Pontevedra. A city that never sleeps.

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Where to eat

Where to sleep

Mos-Pontevedra: Photos
Mos-Pontevedra: Itinerary

A: Mos

Before you leave this village don’t miss the view from the belvedere next to the chapel that is the center of this place. If you get a chance, listen to the bells at the change of time.

B: Millario

One of the first Roman markers on the road. It served as a distance indicator, as you can read on the sign next to this landmark. At this point the descent to Redondela begins between houses and woods.

C: Redondela

The arrival in town is after a very steep descent through residential areas. Before starting the descent, take the opportunity to see Redondela and the river that serves it in the distance. If you arrive wanting to eat, or rest, this town has several restaurants and hostels ready to receive pilgrims.

D: Sampaio bridge

This Roman bridge begins the last stretch of the most difficult stage of the Portuguese central road. If you want to rest, just cross over and a few kilometers further you’ll be in Arcade, which has various accommodations available. However, if you’d rather just take a dive to refresh your energy, make use of the river beach.

E: Pontevedra

After a climb that requires an effort of endurance and persistence, Pontevedra welcomes us with the usual hospitality of the Way to Santiago. After a walk through the forest accompanied by the river, we are in the city. In every street there seems to be hostels in which to stay. If you still have energy, take a walk through the city center. Spacious, with plenty of commerce and places to eat, it has the ingredients for an unforgettable evening.

Mos-Pontevedra: Map

Frequent Questions

What to see in Pontevedra?

Beyond the religious monuments, take note that Pontevedra is an attraction in itself. It is the city in the world with the most pedestrian-only spaces and won 1st European Commission Urban Safety Award in 2020.

Should I have lunch in Redondela or continue on my way?

Consider visiting Redondela for a few hours. It is a town with a special energy, with lots of commerce and culture.