The Portuguese Coastal Camino is a magical and ancient experience as it is one of the original routes of the millennia-old trail. Remarkably managed by our good friends who run the Caminha Hostel, this route follows the Jacobean paths previously traveled by pilgrims from times past. Therefore, every step is taken as if they too were strolling through the history of this territory. Furthermore, the presence of the sea so close by is a comfort to those who understand the true beauty of its blue. It’s also a route of options and choices, much like life itself. In Caminha, for example, to continue the historical and Portuguese path, you should head towards Valença, where you’ll meet up with the Central Camino.

Stage 1: Porto – Póvoa de Varzim

The first stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way begins in Porto and follows along the banks to the wonderful Póvoa de Varzim.

Stage 2: Póvoa de Varzim – Marinhas

On the Póvoa do Varzim - Marinhas stage, you will walk close to the sea leaving Póvoa de Varzim and will travel for most of the route. Read more here!

Stage 3: Marinhas – Viana do Castelo

The Marinhas - Viana do Castelo stage marks the first direct difference between the Portuguese coast route and the central route. Discover more here!

Stage 4: Viana do Castelo – Caminha

This is one of the longest stages and always uphill. You will see small Portuguese villages for those who love this corner by the sea.

Stage 5: Caminha – Valença

This stage is a stunning adventure from start to finish. It couldn't begin in a more original way when you took a boat to Galicia.

Stage 6: Valença / Tuí – Mos

The Tuí-Mos stage starts in an urban area but you are quickly back to the interior with forests accompanying the journey.

Stage 7: Mos-Pontevedra

The 7th stage, Mos-Pontevedra, is the most difficult of the route. Divided between 3 hills, the saints don't help on these descents. As they are very steep, they must be done very carefully to avoid injuries. A tip:  the descents must be done in zigzags.

Stage 8: Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis

The Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis stage is calm, divided between small forest paths and various populations. Take the opportunity to rest from the most intense last days and let yourself get lost in the small village.

Stage 9: Caldas de Reis-Padrón

The Caldas de Reis- Padrón stage is the smallest on the route. Made between some sections of road, local woods and always following the river. With some urbanizations along the way, take the opportunity to talk to people and observe the path you have already taken at the various viewpoints on this day.

Stage 10: Padrón-Santiago de Compostela

The Padrón-Santiago de Compostela stage is between land and road. Although there are still several kilometers to walk with nature, part of the route will be along the road and, therefore, care must be taken. The last 3 are in the city of Santiago de Compostela.