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“On the Way” with Jesus

Jesus Vítor let himself be influenced (in a good way) by the best that art has to offer and, without knowing it, he began a serious relationship with the French route to the capital of Galicia. Read this interview and let yourself be inspired by this journey.

“On the Way” with Ricardo. 

Ricardo knows better than anyone that the Camino de Santiago calls for pilgrims. In this way, the ancient journey has always hovered around him. So, when he was challenged to do so, the yes was immediate, as if the decision had already been made long before that moment. Read this fun interview that will help you prepare your own trail to the Capital of Galicia.

“On the way” with Mónica.

Mónica doesn’t let herself stay and, when they invite her for lunch (or a Camino de Santiago), she accepts immediately. Between blisters on her feet, nails in some bad condition and the tiredness of those who start, our hiker managed to overcome all the challenges that the ancient route has to offer, making us grow as people. Come and discover this adventure between Viana do Castelo and the Capital of Galicia, always next to the sea.

The Camino of Santiago: The most common injuries

The Camino de Santiago can be a simple exercise for most people. The challenge tends to prove to be, in addition to physical exhaustion, more mental than physical. We feel tired, then we think. However, injuries are still possible, even for the most prepared pilgrims. Although most are mild – like blisters – it is always important to be careful and know how to avoid more uncomfortable moments during the pilgrimage.