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“On the way” with Rosário

Rosário already has a handful of Camino de Santiago routes covered. In the latter, she had the experience of going alone along our favorite route. There she encountered difficulties and surprises, but nothing stopped our hiker. Read the interview here!

“On the way” with André

André is an expert on the Camino de Santiago. With several routes under his belt, he was invited by his friends to be the “guide”. Get to know this story better and take in the advice of someone who has already walked this route 12 times!

“On the Way” with Jesus

Jesus Vítor let himself be influenced (in a good way) by the best that art has to offer and, without knowing it, he began a serious relationship with the French route to the capital of Galicia. Read this interview and let yourself be inspired by this journey.

“On the Way” with Ricardo

Ricardo knows better than anyone that the Camino de Santiago calls for pilgrims. In this way, the ancient journey has always hovered around him. So, when he was challenged to do so, the yes was immediate, as if the decision had already been made long before that moment. Read this fun interview that will help you prepare your own trail to the Capital of Galicia.

“On the way” with Mónica

Mónica doesn’t let herself stay and, when they invite her for lunch (or a Camino de Santiago), she accepts immediately. Between blisters on her feet, nails in some bad condition and the tiredness of those who start, our hiker managed to overcome all the challenges that the ancient route has to offer, making us grow as people. Come and discover this adventure between Viana do Castelo and the Capital of Galicia, always next to the sea.

“On the way” with Anselmo

In October 2021, Anselmo took the Portuguese Coast Path. His lifelong friend Pedro went with him and together they began an adventure of overcoming, friendship and coexistence.

“On the way” with Patrícia and Paulo

September is one of the best months to do the Camino de Santiago and Paulo and Patrícia can bear witness to this statement. With the right kispo, there’s no rain that can stop them! In this interview, you will discover an adventure shared as a couple.

“On the way” with Carlos and his family

Carlos was already a pilgrim before 2020. With the help of his father-in-law – who always had the dream of making the journey to Santiago de Compostela – he set out on the adventure by bike in 2009. Eleven years later, he repeated the route twice more but It wasn’t alone.

10 symbols of the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, like a nation, has its symbols. However, instead of flags and hymns, there are greetings that allow you to identify who the pilgrims are, arrows and much more!

Is it safe to walk the Camino alone?

Let’s start at the beginning. Walking the Camino de Santiago is not an easy task. From Porto to your destination is 260 kilometers, if you don’t get stuck on the route. Therefore, you must be motivated and committed to the mission ahead.