Stage 5: Caminha – Valença

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  • 7 hours
  • Quilómetros
    27 km
  • Forest
  • 7
  • 161 m

The Caminha – Valença stage is the original variation of the Portuguese Way of the Coast. Here we say goodbye to the ocean as a companion every step of the way, and the river takes its place. Despite the beauty along the water flow, this path can be difficult because there are many ups and downs to Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Take a walk through the village and visit the castle. It was built by D. Dinis and today it is a central point on the Way of the Costa. If you get hungry, visit the excellent local bakeries and have a “Cerveirense”!

When you arrive in Valença, you can choose to stay in this city or to advance through the bridge of friendship that connects Portugal to Spain and get to know Tui. From here your path joins thousands of other people already on the central route. Your adventure has just begun.

Finally, we leave you with this note: If you prefer to do a different kind of walk, the Minho ecovia already connects part of the route between Caminho and Vila Nova da Cerveira and the municipality of Valença. An adventure not to be missed for those who love the sea!

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Caminha - Valença: Photos
Caminha - Porto Mougás : Itinerary

A: Caminha 

The farewell to Caminha is made by the bridge over the Coura River, which is right next to the local pilgrims’ hostel. The perception of the path walked and the small islands of green around the flow is a postcard of memories that only those who choose this variation can understand.

B: Gondarém

This is a settlement of the Way. The human space that receives pilgrims in the municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira has an ancient relationship with the millennial path. It is here that we find a 17th century manor house, which in its early life was a pilgrims’ hostel. We know this because on one of its doors is the inscription : “caza dobrigação para passageiros e mendigos que nela quizerem dormir (1666)”.

Today, it is the Boega Hotel that is set up in this space and is available if you want to book a night in this place.

C: Vila Nova de Cerveira

You are in the middle of the trajectory, reaching this point. Some people, in order to regain strength, stop here. Even if you don’t do that, try to take the opportunity to see the Castle, where there was a hospital dedicated to the pilgrims who passed through here.

D: Chamosinhos Medieval Bridge

One of the favorite places for pilgrims. Those who don’t know it and only see pictures, when they see the deep blue of the sea, shared with beautiful dwellings set naturally into the mountains, think that we could be in Greece or Italy. Although we are still in Spain, Oia seems to be in a world of its own.

E: Valença

The town of Valença is a comfort for all pilgrims. With excellent hostels and restaurants, this town knows how to welcome those who walk to Santiago, especially in the Café Mineiro. If you want to continue the crossing, just take the International Bridge. From now on you are also on the Portuguese Central Way.

Caminha - Valença: Map

Frequent Questions

A partir da Sé do Porto não me perco?

Em princípio não! As setas amarelas estão bem identificadas no chão. Se por acaso estiveres na dúvida basta olhar em volta e ver em que direção os restantes caminheiros estão a ir. Outra ideia é perguntar a alguém como ir em direção à igreja do Carvalhido. 

É seguro fazer o caminho sem companhia?

Os incidentes tendem a ser mínimos e muitas pessoas fazem o caminho sozinhas. No entanto, a segurança pode ser subjetiva. Muitos caminheiros fazem o caminho, por isso, em caso de receio podes sempre pedir ajuda. 

Depois deste troço, há mais natureza?

Esta é a etapa mais urbana do percurso português. À entrada de Vairão é notável a diferença de paisagem natural.