Stage 7: Porto de Mougás – Saians

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  • 7 hours
  • Quilómetros
    25 km
  • Urban
  • 5
  • 341 m

The Porto de Mougás – Saians stage is an undiscovered adventure. Starting in the small village, we follow a little busy road until we reach a dirt climb. Here the adventure for the day progresses.

From here on, it’s going to be uphill, where we encounter one of the most breathtaking views of the journey so far, and we continue on to Baiona. This fishing town, where many people choose to stay, is a great place for us to rest and explore the local community.

From here we can choose which route to take. Whether we go look at the sea, lean against the beaches, or head inland. Saians is an excellent option to end the day, as the people in this neighborhood are lively and host events regularly where all pilgrims are welcome.

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Porto de Mougás - Saians: Photos
Porto-Vairão: Itinerary

A: Mougas Port

Here the entire route is close to roads where cars pass by every day. Therefore, extreme caution is required. To forget about this fact, we can observe in the distance the curvature of the mountains with a lighthouse hidden between them.

B: Water space

After a climb, one of the highest of the whole route so far, comes now one of the descents and ascents to Baiona. We had the opportunity to see the sea meeting the land from afar and now here we are, in a small village that is typical of the Way to Santiago. Time to rest and to read some facts on the signs about the place where we are.

C: Monte Alto Viewpoint

As the name implies, after one more space to observe the route we still have ahead of us. With benches available, this space beside the road gives us a perspective of what is still to come.

D: Baiona 

Baiona comes after a steep descent and welcomes us like true explorers. We are greeted by a lively town with a population that moves and at the same time maintains its great monuments. With unmissable churches and the monumental Monterreal castle, this harbor site is suitable for those who are already tired and prefer a less strenuous stage.

E: Saians

Saians is a place for the day’s rest. This civilization can be lost if we are not heeding to the signs that say “Albergue” along the way, as it is a 50 meter detour from the actual path. However, the pilgrim support space is made by the residents’ association that gives us everything we need to rest.

Porto Mougás-Saians: Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get lost from the Porto Cathedral?

In principle, no! The yellow arrows are clearly marked on the ground. If you’re in any doubt, just look around and see which direction the other walkers are heading. Another idea is to ask someone how to get to the Carvalhido church.

Is it safe to walk the Way without company?

Incidents tend to be minimal and many people make the journey alone. However, safety can be subjective. Many hikers do the route, so if you’re afraid you can always ask for help.

After this stretch, is there any more nature?

This is the most urban stage of the Portuguese route. At the entrance to Vairão, the difference in the natural landscape is remarkable.