Stage 6: Caminha – Porto de Mougás

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  • 7 hours
  • Quilómetros
    25 km
  • Coastal
  • 6
  • 332 m

The Caminha – Porto Mougás stage is a stunning adventure from beginning to end. It couldn’t start in a more different way, since we have to take a boat to Galicia. For the more distracted, just ask the people at the hostels or where you are staying to tell you the number or even book the boat (which takes up to 4 people).

After that, we enter Spain. If up until now the journey had been based on pure improvisation, choosing the most appealing route daily, from here on, it becomes more certain and straight

Despite the beauty of the cities and nature combined with the sea, we have long periods by the roads, which can make us feel unsafe while walking.

Starting Point:


Where to eat

Where to sleep

Caminha - Porto Mougás: Photos
Caminha - Porto Mougás : Itinerary

A: Caminha 

After deciding whether to go by boat to Guarda or on foot to Valença, we have to book our place on one of the many shipping services on the Portugal Galicia crossing. Sometimes these same services provide transportation to the boat, so it is important to place the reservation yourselves so that all details are taken care of.

B: Church of Santa Maria da Guarda

Guarda is a beautiful village, built around the sea, with buildings that leave well hidden the points of interest that its interior holds. However, as walkers, pilgrims can discover all the secrets of these streets.

C: San Atilano Pilgrim Rest Area

Resting watching the sea crash against the rocks, and even better, if we have a mealbox. It is the first area, after the real start of the hike in A Guarda, where we have the opportunity to sit down and simply enjoy a little time with no one around us. Now in Spain, this activity is becoming possible less and less often.

D: Oia 

One of the favorite places of pilgrims. For those who haven’t been there and only see photographs, upon seeing the deep blue of the sea, divided with beautiful houses naturally nestled in the mountains, one might think we could be in Greece or Italy. Despite still being in Spain, Oia seems to exist in its own world.

E: Mougás Port

After leaving the wonderful Oia, we will pull over between the national road and the sea, as is usual for this crossing. Here, we will find a shy exit, with an even more shy locality. With only one hostel (with room for many people) and a lonely cafe, it’s a place we don’t expect much from, but which gives us great memories.

Caminha - Porto Mougás : Map

Perguntas Peregrinas.

A partir da Sé do Porto não me perco?

Em princípio não! As setas amarelas estão bem identificadas no chão. Se por acaso estiveres na dúvida basta olhar em volta e ver em que direção os restantes caminheiros estão a ir. Outra ideia é perguntar a alguém como ir em direção à igreja do Carvalhido. 

É seguro fazer o caminho sem companhia?

Os incidentes tendem a ser mínimos e muitas pessoas fazem o caminho sozinhas. No entanto, a segurança pode ser subjetiva. Muitos caminheiros fazem o caminho, por isso, em caso de receio podes sempre pedir ajuda. 

Depois deste troço, há mais natureza?

Esta é a etapa mais urbana do percurso português. À entrada de Vairão é notável a diferença de paisagem natural.