Stage 8: Saians – Redondela

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  • 10 hours
  • Quilómetros
    30 km
  • Urban
  • 8
  • 506 m

The Saians – Redondela stage is the last stage before the unification of the way with the Portuguese Central Way. Although it is long and strenuous, we are captivated by beautiful towns and monuments.

Vigo, even though it is the largest city in Galicia, makes us comfortable in this region, especially for pilgrims who miss the metropole atmosphere. However, it is not for everyone.

Leaving the port city is a return to the origins of the road, with many green spaces in the mix and the wonderful neighborhood of Teis, with an emotional connection directly from the heart of the mountain.

The arrival in Redondela is between what for many is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the way.

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Saians - Redondela: Photos
Saians - Redondela: Itinerary

A: Saians 

Saians is a little away from the central region of the trail, but we quickly get back on track. This time we start climbing through houses far away from all civilization and slowly we begin to hear a stream of water slowly approaching. In this forest lost in the middle of Galicia, we are greeted by organic and complementary paths that are worth visiting if we have the time and courage to do so.

B:100 km to Santiago 

On the way out of Sains we have one of the first signs of the day that tells us the kilometers we still have to travel until we reach Santiago de Compostela. With the right to a stool to stop and observe what is coming, this space may not seem like much, but it represents an immense effort.

C: Pilgrims' Fountain

Lost in the middle of a wood, this slender fountain seems to hold surprises for us. From here, a space in which we seem to be completely alone, it can even be frightening the lack of sounds in which we find ourselves. However, from here the metropolis begins to reveal itself.

D: Vigo

The arrival in Vigo is most likely one of the least interesting of the whole route. Narrow streets, many cars and few crosswalks, the best thing to do is to get as close as possible to the sea to avoid further complications. From here, we will reach the main town and shape our opinion. Vigo has a surprise at every corner, especially for those who like boats. However, it is easy to get lost here.

E: Teis 

This neighborhood involved in the metropolitan area takes us through woods until we reach redondela, we go through woods with incredible views of the Ria de Vigo. On the way we pass through the distant lands and so characteristic of the route.

F: Redondela

Here the paths come together, and so you can read more about this city in the other steps we have available on the page .

Saians - Redondela: Map

Perguntas Peregrinas.

A partir da Sé do Porto não me perco?

Em princípio não! As setas amarelas estão bem identificadas no chão. Se por acaso estiveres na dúvida basta olhar em volta e ver em que direção os restantes caminheiros estão a ir. Outra ideia é perguntar a alguém como ir em direção à igreja do Carvalhido. 

É seguro fazer o caminho sem companhia?

Os incidentes tendem a ser mínimos e muitas pessoas fazem o caminho sozinhas. No entanto, a segurança pode ser subjetiva. Muitos caminheiros fazem o caminho, por isso, em caso de receio podes sempre pedir ajuda. 

Depois deste troço, há mais natureza?

Esta é a etapa mais urbana do percurso português. À entrada de Vairão é notável a diferença de paisagem natural.