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Stage 2: Vairão - Barcelos

  • 8 hours
  • Quilómetros
    30 km
  • Rural
  • 6
  • 449 m

The Vairão – Barcelos stage is a night to day difference from the previous route. Starting in the small woods, at the exit of the picturesque village, we see a tender market being set up, if we wake up with the sunrise. From there, we have a set of typical cafes, always ready to receive the pilgrims for breakfast or to reinforce it.

As we enter Vila do Conde we have idyllic images of the Portuguese nature, with special emphasis on the different shades of green that can be found on all the roads.

The route is always flat, with slight slopes. Today, it is a long and tiring route, but without major difficulties. It is well equipped in terms of infrastructure, designed for walkers.

When you arrive in the city of Barcelos, you have the perfect place for a cosmopolitan break. There are restaurants with meals at tasty prices and a river beach that comes in handy after the effort made.

Starting Point:


Where to eat:

Where to sleep:

Photos: Vairão-Barcelos
Vairão - Barcelos: Itinerary

A: Vairão

The way out of Vairão is through the first path by the woods of the Portuguese central road. After Vilarinho the trail gains a green hue until arriving in Barcelos.

B: D. Zameiro Bridge

The D.Zameiro bridge crosses the Ave River and, besides the beauty of the landscape, it has a space dedicated to the resting of pilgrims. Despite its Roman appearance, there is no evidence that it was built by this civilization.

C: A Igreja de Arcos

The Church of Arcos dates back to the 19th century. Built on top of a small hill, thanks to the efforts of the local and emigrant community of arcos, it is today the town’s main attraction. Just 300 meters away you can stop to rest at the Barbosa coffee shop. The owner of the establishment, besides being very friendly, is a jack-of-all-trades. You won’t regret staying for a chat.

D: Chapel of Santa Cruz

From this stage on, there are less than 200 kilometers to go to reach Santiago de Compostela. Take the opportunity to rest before arriving in the city of Barcelos on the benches around, or to grab a bite in the picnic area.

E: Barcelos

Barcelos is a city connected to the Way to Santiago. According to its best-known legend, it was the apostle James who saved the pilgrim from the gallows. In the chapel In the chapel of Senhora da Ponte you can see the benches and the stone sinks for the pilgrims’ foot washing. It is also a university town, so it has several places to eat at a very affordable price. And, if it’s hot, you can take a dip in the river beach right at the entrance, next to the bridge over the Cávado river.

Vairão-Barcelos Map

Perguntas Peregrinas.

What is the best place to rest?

There are many! From little chapels along the way to little benches on the road, everything helps the pilgrim. Don’t miss hearing some stories at the Café Barbosa!

Should I worry about the animals along the way?

No. Most of the animals you will encounter on the way are cows and sheep from the locals. They are always tethered so they don’t make the trail themselves.

Can I bathe in Barcelinhos river beach?

Of course. Swimsuit and beware of the cold!