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Stage 10: Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis

  • 5 hours
  • Quilómetros
    21 km
  • Forest
  • 1
  • 288 m

The Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis stage is a pleasant journey, without major difficulties. After the parting by the Ponte do Burgo, the crossing becomes simple, with no elevations to register and an excellent crop of churches and other religious monuments.

Vines surround the houses and accompany us along the route which, by its humility, gives us the time and desire to enjoy every step. Before we meet the N-550 road again, we have an area of waterfalls. It is a small detour that is worth the time.

Then, quickly, we are in Caldas de Reis. We are greeted by a gentle village and a town center where we feel like resting and pondering the road we have traveled so far.

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Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis: Photos
Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis: Itinerary

A: Pontevedra

Pontevedra in the morning has a certain charm. As we walk along the path that takes us to the Burgos bridge we can see many monuments of religious iconography such as the Chapel of the Pilgrim Virgin, which occupies the center of the Pilgrim Square.

B: Millario

This is the second Roman milestone on the Path. Next to it there is a bench to rest and it is from here that we leave the road and more urban area to enter fully into the woods.

C: Waterfalls

4 kilometers from the arrival in Caldas de Reis there is a small detour that many pilgrims avoid or don’t notice. When you can see a sign on the road saying “Santiago-40”, cross it, very carefully, and go straight ahead. You can refresh yourself at the waterfalls of the Barosa river.

D: Saint Lucia Chapel

After the last straight on road 550, at the entrance on the right is a small chapel built entirely of stone. Regain strength in these last few kilometers before arriving in Caldas de Reis.

E: Caldas de Reis

The way to Caldas de Reis is made of dirt roads, next to the inhabitants’ vegetable gardens. The big patch of green space is interrupted by the small village of Caldas de Reis. Just cross the bridge. It is tradition for pilgrims to rest their feet in the hot springs next to the church. After you have recovered, take the opportunity to go for dinner in the center. The small village atmosphere is palpable, so it is a convivial moment for pilgrims.


Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis: Map

Perguntas Peregrinas.

As fontes termais estão disponíveis para todos?

Sim! Em Caldas de Reis há duas fontes nas quais podes descansar. Estão abertas ao público e, principalmente, aos peregrinos. 

Pontevedra dá mesmo água a quem passa?

O lema da cidade é “Pontevedra dá de beber a quen pasa”. Por isso, toda a povoação tende a receber os visitantes com toda a hospitalidade.