Stage 9: Redondela – Pontevedra

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  • 5 hours
  • Quilómetros
    20 km
  • Mountainous
  • 6
  • 528 m

The Redondela – Pontevedra stage, after the great walk the day before, is a refreshing walk with the best the route to Santiago has to offer. Just outside the town, we have trails that lead us through small villages and Galician woods. The landscape remains calm until we reach Arcade, a passing-by place for many hikers who are amazed by the imposing Sampaio Bridge. This place, where every nook and cranny tells the story of Galicia and Santiago, is one of those treasures hidden in front of our feet, forgotten between two of the main cities on the route. However, if you’re tired, or just in the mood for a snack, know that here they claim to eat the best oysters in all of Iberia. For seafood lovers, this is no small thing.

From here, the Camino becomes more challenging. Entering a forest path, we ascend until reaching an altitude of 147 meters. What we gain in natural beauty, we lose in calories.

In Pontevedra, we arrive at one of the most iconic cities along the Portuguese route. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the various monuments here and the ancient churches situated in a car-free city center.

From this point on, the paths of the Coastal and Central routes merge completely. For more stages, you can read further here.

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Redondela - Pontevedra: Photos
Saians - Redondela: Itinerary

A: Redondela

The way out of Redondela is through alleys and woods. It will be a constant trek during the entire stage. For many people this is the most beautiful of all the stages.

B: Soutomaior Castle

For those who are making the “big” trip, this is a place not to be missed. The castle is well preserved, but it is the gardens around it that draw the most attention.

C: Sampaio Bridge

Historic site in the village of Arcade, this imposing bridge is one of the best-known sights on the Portuguese Way. However, it’s uphill from here.

If you want to rest, just cross over and a few kilometers later you will be in Arcade, which has several accommodations available. However, if you’d rather just take a dip to refresh your energy, make use of the river beach.

D: Santa Marta Chapel

Simply, dating back to 1617, this chapel is the last we found before arriving in Pontevedra. A good place to think, reflect and, above all, rest.

F: Pontevedra

After a climb that requires a lot of effort, endurance, and persistence, Pontevedra welcomes us with the usual hospitality of the Way to Santiago. After a walk through the forest accompanied by the river, we are in the city. In every street there seems to be hostels in which one can stay. If you still have energy, take a walk through the city center. Spacious, with plenty of commerce and places to eat, it has the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. Now the central and coastal path unite into one. You can read more here.

Redondela - Pontevedra: Map

Frequently Asked Question

Will I get lost from the Porto Cathedral?

In principle, no! The yellow arrows are clearly marked on the ground. If you’re in any doubt, just look around and see which direction the other walkers are heading. Another idea is to ask someone how to get to the Carvalhido church.

Is it safe to walk the Way without company?

Incidents tend to be minimal and many people make the journey alone. However, safety can be subjective. Many hikers do the route, so if you’re afraid you can always ask for help.

After this stretch, is there any more nature?

This is the most urban stage of the Portuguese route. At the entrance to Vairão, the difference in the natural landscape is remarkable.