Stage 1: Porto – Vila Chã

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  • 8 hours
  • Quilómetros
    26,6 km
  • Urban
  • 3
  • 170 m

The first stage along the coast starts in Porto and ends in the small fishing village of Vila Chã. From the Porto Cathedral of the undefeated city, we glide down to the banks of the Douro River, and from there, we follow its blue waters that will be our chosen guide for this crossing that we are about to embark upon.

The path is flat and, of all the days, it is the simplest. In other words, it is perfect for starting out on the path without too much difficulty. However, you should pay attention to the proximity of the sea and strengthen in the sunscreen.

Starting Point:


Where to eat

Where to sleep

Porto-Vila Chã: Photos
Porto-Vairão: Itinerary

A: Oporto Cathedral

Like all the Santiago routes that begin in Porto, the Sé is the meeting point for those who take the route of Jesus’ disciple. Now, to avoid confusion with all the arrows, a word of advice: Follow the sea. This first moment out of the city can be tiring for those expecting more nature, but take the opportunity to marvel at the architecture of this place.

B: Monument to Luís de Camões

Hidden, the sculpture of the greatest poet of the Portuguese language is right at the entrance to the town of Foz do Douro. This balcony facing the ocean is the perfect resting place to reflect upon the road ahead and, perhaps, feed some hungry pigeons wandering about.

C: Matosinhos Beach

Ready to dive in? From here many of us have the feeling that the Coastal Way to Santiago really begins. You can also find the pilgrim support area, with the right to a stamp, and a nice café to rest on the terrace.

D: Obelisk

After Matosinhos a walkway begins that connects much of the trail. This can be hard on your feet as it is all wooden made. The heat by the sea is deceiving since, no matter how much breeze there is, the sun is stronger. So it is necessary to reinforce with sunscreen 50 +.

E: Vila - Chã

The small fishing village is a mandatory stop along the way. With places to sleep and eat, take advantage of the post-city calm and experience this space.

Porto-Vairão: Map

Frequent Questions

A partir da Sé do Porto não me perco?

Em princípio não! As setas amarelas estão bem identificadas no chão. Se por acaso estiveres na dúvida basta olhar em volta e ver em que direção os restantes caminheiros estão a ir. Outra ideia é perguntar a alguém como ir em direção à igreja do Carvalhido. 

É seguro fazer o caminho sem companhia?

Os incidentes tendem a ser mínimos e muitas pessoas fazem o caminho sozinhas. No entanto, a segurança pode ser subjetiva. Muitos caminheiros fazem o caminho, por isso, em caso de receio podes sempre pedir ajuda. 

Depois deste troço, há mais natureza?

Esta é a etapa mais urbana do percurso português. À entrada de Vairão é notável a diferença de paisagem natural.