5 best books about the Camino de Santiago

There are many ways to walk the Way to Santiago, and books are one of them. If you are preparing for the route, missing it or simply want to know more about this ancient pilgrimage, pocket companions are a great way to do it.

To help you in this search, we have chosen the 5 best books about the Way to Santiago. This collection of words about our shared journey comes from personal choices. However, let us know what your favorite books, series or movies about the Way to Santiago are. We look forward to hearing more!

Santiago: A caminho de Compostela.

A law professor takes the road to Santiago. This was the first one we wrote about on this website. More than a simple guide to the way (very practical, for those who want to buy it), it is a search for an answer to this question:

“Why have thousands of people made, and are making, the journey more or less aware that in Santiago the body of the apostle will probably not be there?”

Whether he comes to any conclusions, we leave that for you to decide. These and other questions that we discover along the path in which the author takes us on this journey with words

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The Pilgrimage.

As the Anglo-Saxon name indicates, it is about a long walk, on our chosen route. The protagonist of this story is confused with the writer. After spending years and years training to be a master of a spiritual organization, Paul fails the last task. To redeem himself, his mentor assigns him to walk 700 kilometers. That is, the French Way of Saint James. But he’s not alone, as he has Petrus by his side, someone whose mission is to help the members of this sect during the pilgrimage.

A journey of self-discovery worth reading.

It has the Camino de Santiago in the background. Its difficulties, wonders and – above all – the aura that everyone shares when talking about the journey of one of Jesus’ disciples.

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Memoirs of a Pilgrim.

The book every pilgrim needs to read to be prepared for the Camino. Half travel diary, part tips for not missing anything in your backpack and along the way. This adventure starts on the Portuguese Central Way, which the author seems to have done in a time well below the recommended time on our website. In addition to the arrow speed of the pilgrim writer, here you will read the experience and story of a man very prepared to walk to Santiago de Compostela, the encounters he had with other pilgrims and the adventures in the more than 5 times he walked the way.

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Travels with My Donkey.

One Man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to Santiago by author Tim Moore. It can only be found in English, but it is a humorous story from the travel writer from Brittany. Traveling the French Way, this journey he made with his nightmare companion, (Shinto weighs about 200 kg) is filled with adventures, jokes and, above all, the stubbornness of these two unlikely partners.

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A Way for All – Diary of a Pilgrim on the Road to Santiago.

And, to finish, the female representation in this list. It is, like Memoirs of a Pilgrim, a diary and, at the same time, a text to help you prepare the way, what to expect and, above all, how to manage in the situations you may encounter on the Way. We suggest reading about the arrival in Seville, as a practical example of this very Portuguese ability.

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5 best books about the Camino de Santiago.

These are our favorite books about the Camino de Santiago. They are not arranged in any order of preference, as we like them all equally. With their good points, they demonstrate the variety of routes that exist – in one pilgrim’s memoirs alone, we have 3- and the perspectives that each person has on the walk to the Galician capital.

And you, what is your favorite book about the Camino de Santiago?

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